Special Elections & Committee Changes

Senate District 30

PIFC will be closely watching the race for the vacant seat in Senate District 30. This was Holly Mitchell’s seat, but Senator Mitchell will be transitioning to a new role as Supervisor in Los Angeles County. Current Assemblymember and PIFC endorsed candidate Sydney Kamlager is expected to run for Senate District 30. This is an especially important race for PIFC since there will likely be an opening on the Assembly Insurance Committee. Both Assemblymember Kamlager and Senator Mitchell serve on their respective Insurance Committees, and a serious challenger to Kamlager would likely come from the left. Kamlager and Mitchell have a close relationship and previously worked together on Holly Mitchell’s campaign for Assembly. Recently, PIFC was able to help Assemblymember Kamlager defeat a challenger from the left during the November 3 General Election.

Senate Judiciary Committee

Legislation that can affect the insurance industry goes beyond the Senate and Assembly Insurance Committees. Legal issues may arise and can have adverse effects on claims and policy contents. This is why it is very important to have an ally in the Senate and Assembly Judiciary Committees. Former Senate Judiciary Chair Hannah-Beth Jackson termed out and it has been announced that Senator Tom Umberg has been appointed to the position. Senator Umberg is not expected to be as adversarial as Senator Jackson, however, we do not expect him to be overtly pro-business due to the nature of the position. However, Senator Umberg was the business community’s first choice for this Chair and there was a successful lobbying campaign on his behalf. It is important to note that Senator Umberg will likely be pro plaintiff, but he is a reasonable and intelligent lawyer. PIFC staff feels comfortable with this appointment, and the relationship we have cultivated with Senator Umberg over his years in the Assembly will help to make your voices heard.

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