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The March primary has concluded, and ballots were certified by April 12th.  The top two candidates from each primary election move on to the general election. Leading into this election PIFC staff and PIFPAC did a lot of work vetting candidates: conducting one-on-one meetings with candidates, and candidate interviews. Check out the election results below.

Assembly District 7 – Sacramento County – Win

Josh Hoover – PIFC Supported

Current Assemblymember Josh Hoover came in first place to give him an easy path to victory in November. He will face Democrat Porsche Middleton.

Assembly District 8 – Fresno County – Win

David Tangipa – PIFC Endorsed

PIFC Endorsed David Tangipa will be in the runoff with former member of Congress George Radanovich, for a R on R race.

Assembly District 13 – San Joaquin County – Loss

Edith Villapudua – PIFC Endorsed

This race took an unexpected turn at the close of filing.  Edith Villapudua planned to run in SD 5 against Rhodesia Ransom.  Leading up to filing closing, rumors were swirling that Assemblymember Carlos Villapudua would run for SD 5, and Edith Villapudua would run to fill his seat in AD 13.  When they made this move Rhodesia Ransom followed Edith to this Assembly race, and former Congressmember Jerry McNerney was recruited to run in SD 5.

Assemblymember Carlos Villapudua has been a very solid supporter of the business community, and PIFC specifically.

Rhodesia Ransom will have an easy race in November against a Republican in this D seat.

Assembly District 15 – Contra Costa County – Loss

Karen Mitchoff – PIFC Supported

Anamarie Avila Farias is currently positioned to face a Republican in this solid Democrat district in November.

Assembly District 19 – San Francisco County – Win

Catherine Stefani – PIFC Endorsed

Catherine Stefani came in first with a considerable lead and will face David Lee, setting up a D on D runoff in November.

Assembly District 22 – Stanislaus County – Win

Juan Alanis – PIFC Supported

Current Assemblymember Juan Alanis came in first place in this solid R seat and will face Democrat Jessica Self in the November runoff.

Assembly District 41 – Los Angeles County – Win

John Harabedian – PIFC Endorsed

Harabedian was an opportunity to make this a very pro-business seat.  He has deep roots in the insurance industry and local community.  He will face a Republican in November in this solid D seat.

Assembly District 47 – Riverside County – Win

Greg Wallis – PIFC Supported

Current Assemblymember Greg Wallace came in a close second in the March primary, setting up a tough election in November against Democrat Christy Holstege.

Assembly District 48 – Los Angeles County – Win

Blanca Rubio – PIFC Supported

Current Assemblymember Rubio will face Republican in the runoff.

Assembly District 50 – San Bernardino County – Win

Adam Perez – PIFC Endorsed

Adam Perez came in second place putting him in the runoff against fellow democrat Robert Garcia, setting up a D on D runoff in November.  Garcia holds a significant lead over Perez.

Assembly District 53 – San Bernardino County – Win

Michelle Rodriguez – PIFC Endorsed

PIFC endorsed Michelle Rodriguez will face Republican Nick Wilson in the runoff.

Assembly District 62 – Los Angeles County – Win

Jose Solache – PIFC Endorsed

Jose Solache should be a solid vote for the business community, he has worked as President of the Greater Lakewood Chamber of Commerce for many years.

Solache will face a Republican in November in this solid blue seat.

Assembly District 75 – San Diego County – Win

Andrew Hayes – PIFC Endorsed

Since vote counting began, Andrew Hayes went from a distant third place to second place.  He will face Carl DeMaio in the runoff, making another R on R runoff in a solid R district.

Assembly District 79 – San Diego County – Win

Colin Parent – PIFC Endorsed

La Mesa City Councilmember Colin Parent will face a much lesser known, organized, and funded Democrat in November which should give him an easy path to victory.

Senate District 3 – Solano County – Win

Christopher Cabaldon – PIFC Endorsed

Cabaldon will be in the runoff against a Republican in this solid D seat.

Senate District 5 – San Joaquin County – Loss

Carlos Villapudua – PIFC Supported

At the filing deadline, Assemblymember Carlos Villapudua filed to run in SD 5, where his wife Edith Villapudua planned to run, rather than for re-election in his current AD 13 seat, at which point former Congressmember Jerry McNerney was recruited to run here.

The Republican in this race is leading and will face Jerry McNerney in November for this solid D seat.

Senate District 7 – Alameda County – Win

Jesse Arreguin – PIFC Supported

This was a crowded primary with five Democrats and one Republican.  Taking the top position is Jesse Arreguin, Mayor of Berkeley.  PIFC staff have spent a significant amount of time with Arreguin and are confident he is someone we will be able to work with. Arreguin will face Jovanka Beckles in the runoff of this D on D election.

Senate District 9 – Contra Costa County – Win

Tim Grayson – PIFC Supported

Current Assemblymember Tim Grayson came in first and will face Marisol Rubio in this D on D runoff election.

Senate District 19 – Riverside County – Win

Rosilicie Ochoa Bogh- PIFC Supported

Current Senator Rosilicie Ochoa Bogh will face Democrat Lisa Middleton in the runoff.

Senate District 23 – San Bernardino County – Win

Suzette Martinez Valladares – PIFC Supported

Former Assemblymember Suzette Martinez Valladares came in first in the primary and will face Democrat Kipp Mueller in the runoff.

Senate District 31 – Riverside County – Loss

Angelo Farooq – PIFC Endorsed

Angelo Farooq was running against current Assemblymember Sabrina Cervantes.  Farooq came in a distant third in this race and will not be in the runoff.


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