Political Update

The March primary has concluded, and ballots were certified by April 12th.  The top two candidates from each primary election move on to the general election. Leading into this election PIFC staff and PIFPAC did a lot of work vetting candidates: conducting one-on-one meetings with candidates, and candidate interviews. Check out the election results below. […]

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Regulatory Update

On the regulatory front, CDI endeavors to execute the various regulations necessary to implement the Commissioner’s Sustainable Insurance Strategy.  Following the disappointing announcement of the Complete Rate Application, which PIFC strongly opposes, CDI has announced draft regulations that would allow insurers to use forward-looking Catastrophe (CAT) modeling in their ratemaking. Since Commissioner Lara announced the

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Artificial Intelligence

For the past few years, the Legislature has been interested in topics related to artificial intelligence (AI) and algorithmic decision making. This largely stems from the rapid advancements seen in technology sectors (i.e. Google Gemini, and Open AI’s Chat GPT). There have been more than 40 bills introduced on the topic of AI this year.

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Legislative Update

The Legislature is in the second and final year of the 2023-2024 legislative session.  This year, a total of 2,124 bills were introduced by the February 16 bill introduction deadline.  Bills are now being heard in their first house policy and fiscal committees. PIFC is tracking dozens of bills that could potentially impact the insurance

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Joint Hearing Insurance and Select Committee on Wildfire Prevention

On Monday, October 9, the Assembly Insurance Committee held a joint hearing with the Assembly Select Committee on Wildfire Prevention. The hearing was held in Santa Rosa, CA. The purpose of the hearing was to focus on wildfire risk and resiliency, and whether those two factors can lead to insurance market recovery. Assembly Insurance Committee

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Second Catastrophe Modeling Workshop

On Thursday, September 28, the California Department of Insurance (CDI) held a second workshop on the topic of catastrophe modeling. CDI started off with a brief presentation regarding the path that led to this second workshop.  They highlighted a few observations on public input from the first workshop that focused on (1) appropriate degree of

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PIFPAC Wins at CADem Rural Caucus!

PIFPAC agents quickly and successfully organized around a recent issue we identified in the Rural Caucus of the California Democratic Party (CADem). The Caucus proposed adding to the CADem platform: “Prevent insurance companies from cancelling or declining to offer homeowner, property, and fire insurance policies, and bolster the state-funded insurance of last resort (e.g. FAIR

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2022 General Election Rundown

Though not all of our preferred candidates made it across the finish line, we are confident in facilitating lasting positive working relationships with every elected official in the State Capitol. Take a closer look at each of the races PIFPAC was engaged in below. PIFPAC Win – SD 4 – Amador County PIFC supported charter

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