Membership Committee

The Membership Committee works on outreach with their colleagues to increase awareness of PIFPAC.

The PIFPAC Membership Committee meets at least four times a year and collaborates with the PIFC team and fellow PIFPAC members to increase PIFPAC participation and awareness.  The Committee sets PIFPAC goals and conducts membership drives.

Any contributing PIFPAC member can join.  If you want to have fun working with the PIFC team and fellow PIFPAC members, contact Maria Castellanos to join today!

Contact someone on the Membership Committee to learn more:

  • Pam Aberle
  • Phil Cothran 
  • Fernando Gonzalez
  • Bob Herzog
  • Gina Lopez
  • Kelly Lux
  • Eva Martin-Long
  • Tim McGallian
  • Eddie Quillares Jr.
  • Matthew Rinn
  • Tracey Rivera
  • Henry Rodriguez
  • Jesse Romero 
  • Dee Salas
  • Jeff Senigaglia 
  • Rhonda Shader
  • Manny Viadero
  • Debra Webb
  • Jimmy Widjaja
  • Scott Yuill

1201 K Street, Suite 1250
Sacramento, CA 95814

Phone: (916) 442-6646
Fax: (916) 446-9548

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