PIFPAC Critical Constituents

PIFPAC is implementing an exciting new program we are calling “Critical Constituents”.  PIFC staff aims to appoint one critical constituent per California State Legislator. The critical constituent will have the important task of establishing and maintaining a relationship with that elected official.  This program is similar to, and will supplement State Farm’s Key Contact program, but Critical Constituents will represent PIFPAC instead or in addition to State Farm. PIFC staff implemented this program to increase engagement at all levels and collaborate with our partners at State Farm.

Serving as a Critical Constituent will supplement our efforts on your behalf in Sacramento.  Your State Legislators look for, and value the opinions of PIFPAC agents.  You are small business owners who can provide legislators with a valuable perspective on local events and your community.  State Senators and Assemblymembers hear from PIFC on issues of importance to the insurance industry every day.  When they hear the same message from their constituents it magnifies our voice in crafting good policy and defeating bad ideas.

Already know your elected official-that’s great!

New to political involvement-becoming a Critical Constituent is a great way to get to know your local Assemblymember or Senator.

Some of the activities you can participate in to get to know your legislator include:

  • Developing a close working relationship with your legislator!
  • Attending fundraiser for your legislator – PIFPAC will pay your way!
  • Walking precincts or volunteering for their campaign when they are up for election!
  • Attending in-district open house events sponsored by the legislator!
  • Attending policy briefings or other events hosted by the legislator!
  • Contacting them on legislation as requested by PIFC or State Farm!

Serving as a Critical Constituent has cool other perks. You will receive special recognition at PIFC sponsored events, receive invitations to exclusive events, and have an insiders perspective on Sacramento.

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