Historic $15 Billion Response

With wildfires continuing to wreak havoc on California, major investments have been made to help protect lives and property. On September 23, 2021, Governor Gavin Newsom signed a $15 billion climate package for California. It is the largest of its kind in state history. The package includes investments in forest management, climate risk mitigation and drought response. “We feel a deep sense of responsibility here in the state of California because of the smashmouth realities of climate change”, Newsom said.

The $15 billion package will include: $5.2 billion earmarked for drought response and water management; $3.7 billion to address climate change issues like sea level rise and extreme heat; $3.9 billion for electric vehicles and other infrastructure investment; $1.5 billion for forest management and wildfire response, and a $1.1 billion investment in sustainable agriculture.

The 1.5 billion allocated for forest management and wildfire response will help fund community hardening projects.

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