California Redistricting

California voters now have the new districts they will use to elect their members of Congress and state legislators after the California Citizen’s Redistricting Commission voted unanimously on Dec. 20 to approve its final maps.

Every 10 years, with the completion of a new census, California must redraw electoral district boundaries to ensure the state’s population is evenly distributed among them. It is the second time that California’s redrawing is being done by a 14-member independent commission.

On Monday January 3, 2022, the commission delivered California’s final congressional, State Senate, Assembly and Board of Equalization district maps to the California Secretary of State’s office in Sacramento. This was the deadline set by the California Supreme Court for the commission’s final maps which will next be sent to the state legislature. All 58 counties will then redraw precincts within the new district boundaries and assign voters to the updated precincts. Voters will be casting ballots for candidates running for office using the new district boundaries as part of California’s June 7, 2022, Primary Election. The new boundaries will be in effect for the next decade.

Slower population growth in California means the state lost one of its 53 U.S. House seats this year. To learn more about the California redistricting process and to see the complete list of final maps, visit the California Citizens Redistricting Commission website at

Highlights of the Senate Draft Maps

SD 8 (DEM 50.6%, REP 19.7%, NPP 23.5%)

Richard Pan is termed out. There are five Democrats that have pulled papers to run in this district: Dave Jones (D), Angelique Ashby (D), Tecoy Porter (D), Matthew Burgess (D), and Rafael Garcia (D). SD 8 is made up of 95.6% of old SD 6 (Pan), 4.3% of old SD 4 (Nielsen), 0.02% of old SD 8 (Borgeas).



SD 10 (DEM 51.1%, REP 14.2%, NPP 31.0%)

Bob Wieckowski is termed out. There are five Democrats and one Republican that have pulled papers to run. The new SD 10 is made up of 83.6% of old SD 10 (Wieckowski), 13.8% of old SD 13 (Becker), 2.6% of old SD 15 (Cortese), 0.01% of old SD 7 (Glazer).




SD 14 (DEM 44.8%, REP 25.2%, NPP 23.8%)

Senator Hurtado and Senator Caballero have both announced to run in this district. Senator Caballero will need to move into the district. SD 14 is made of 45.8% of old SD 12 (Caballero), 27.4% of old SD 8 (Borgeas), 26.8% of old SD 14 (Hurtado).




SD 16 (DEM 40.9%, REP 28.7%, NPP 23.9%)

Nicole Parra dropped her congressional bid and is now running here against Fresno Planning Commissioner Rob Fuentes (D). The new district is made up of 62.2% of old SD 14 (Hurtado), 35.6% of old SD 16 (Grove) and 2.2% of old SD 12 (Caballero). The 16th Senate District encompasses much of Bakersfield, northwest Kern County and parts of Kings, Tulare and Fresno counties. Most of the area is currently represented by Senator Melissa Hurtado, D-Sanger, but redistricting split Senator Hurtado’s district in two.

Senator Hurtado now plans to run in the district in which she lives, the 14th District, leaving the 16th District with no incumbent.

SD 20 (DEM 52.1%, REP 16.0%, NPP 26.1%)

Senator Hertzberg is termed out. There are three Democrats and one Republican that have pulled papers to run. SD 20 is made up of 56.4% of old SD 18 (Hertzberg), 23.1% of old SD 27 (Stern), 20.5% of old SD 25 (Portantino), 0.01% of old SD 21 (Wilk).




SD 22 (DEM 47.3%, REP 21.8%, NPP 24.9%)

Senator Rubio will run in this district. Senator Leyva has decided not to seek re-election. SD 22 is made up of 44.0% of old SD 20 (Leyva), 42.6% of old SD 22 (Rubio), 12.0% of old SD 25 (Portantino), 1.4% of old SD 29 (Newman).




SD 28 (DEM 63.6%, REP 7.9%, NPP 23.2%)

Senator Kamlager is running for Congress. No candidates yet. SD 28 is made up of 82.6% of old SD 30 (Kamlager), 13.7% of old SD 26 (Allen), 2.4% of old SD 33 (Gonzalez) and 1.3% of old SD 24 (Durazo).




SD 38 (DEM 36.0%, REP 32.8%, NPP 25.3%)

Senator Bates is termed out. Mayor of Encinitas Catherine Blakespear (D) and retired auto dealer Matt Gunderson (R) have pulled papers to run. SD 38 consists of 76.6% of old SD 36 (Bates), 22.4% of old SD 39 (Atkins), 1.0% of old SD 38 (Jones), 0.02% of old SD 37 (Min).



Highlights of Assembly draft maps

AD 4 (DEM 48.4%, REP 22.6%, NPP 23.3%)

Assemblymember Aguiar-Curry may be facing Bryan Pritchard (R), a wine industry professional. AD 4 is made up of 83.1% of old AD 4 (Aguiar-Curry), 11.0% of old AD 7 (McCarty), 4.0% of old AD 10 (Levine), 1.9% of old AD 3 (Gallagher).




AD 7 (DEM 37.0%, REP 33.9%, NPP 22%)

Assemblymember Cooley has not yet announced if he will run for re-election; Citrus Heights City Councilmember Porsche Middleton (D) and Folsom-Cordova School Board Member and Assemblymember Kiley’s Chief of Staff Josh Hoover (R) have pulled papers to run. AD 7 consists of 64.5% of old AD 8 (Cooley), 33.0% of old AD 6 (Kiley), 2.5% of old AD 7 (McCarty).



AD 12 (DEM 58.0%, REP 15.4%, NPP 21.4%)

Assemblymember Levine is running for Insurance Commissioner. Three Democrats have pulled papers to run: Coastal Commissioner Sara Aminzadeh, Marin County Supervisor Damon Connolly, and ED of Interfaith Sustainable Food Collaborative Steve Schwartz. AD 12 consists of 86.5% of old AD 10 (Levine), 11.0% of old AD 4 (Aguiar-Curry), 2.6% of old AD 2 (Wood).



AD 20 (DEM 55.8%, REP 13.5%, NPP 26.4%)

Assemblymember Quirk has announced he is not seeking re-election. Two Democrats have pulled papers to run: Alameda Labor Council Executive Secretary Liz Ortega-Toro and SEIU RN Jennifer Esten. AD 20 consists of 72.5% of old AD 20 (Quirk), 18.0% of old AD 18 (Bonta), 9.5% of old AD 16 (Levine).



AD 21(DEM 54.0%, REP 14.8%, NPP 26.5%)

Assemblymember Mullin is running for Congress. Three Democrats have pulled papers to run: San Mateo City Councilmember Diane Papan, Redwood City Councilmember Giselle Hale, and South San Francisco City Councilmember James Coleman. AD 21 consists of 92.3% of old AD 22 (Mullin), 7.7% of old AD 24 (Berman).



AD 22 (DEM 39.8%, REP 33.8%, NPP 19.5%)

Joel Guttierez Campos (R) and Jess Self (D) have filed to run. AD 22 consists of 53.6% of old AD 12 (Flora), 46.4% of old AD 21 (Gray).





AD 30 (DEM 44.6%, REP 27.7%, NPP 21.5%)

Jordan Cunningham has not yet announced if he will run for re-election. Three Democrats have pulled papers to run: Seaside City Councilmember Jon Wizard, Morro Bay City Councilmember Dawn Addis, and Seaside City Councilmember Alexis Garcia-Arrazola. AD 30 consists of 53.6% of old AD 35 (Cunningham), 44.6% of old AD 29 (Stone), 1.8% of old AD 30 (Rivas).



AD 33 (DEM 34.9%, REP 36.1%, NPP 22.6%)

Devon Mathis will face Tulare City Councilmember Jose Sigala (D). AD 33 consists of 60.1% of old AD 26 (Mathis), 29.8% of old AD 32 (Salas), 9.8% of old AD 31 (Arambula), 0.3% of old AD 23 (Patterson).





AD 34 (DEM 30.7%, REP 40.4%, NPP 21.0%)

Thurston Smith and Tom Lackey both reside in this district. Neither have made any formal announcements yet. Assemblymember Lackey could move to the new AD 39. AD 34 consists of 0.08% of old AD 34 (Fong), 52.0% of old AD 33 (Smith), 38.7% of old AD 36 (Lackey), 5.0% of old AD 42 (Mayes), 3.3% of old AD 40 (Ramos), 0.9% of old AD 38 (Valladares).



AD 39 (DEM 46.9%, REP 22.3%, NPP 23.2%)

Two Democrats have pulled papers to run: Palmdale City Councilmember Juan Carrillo and former field director for Christy Smith for Congress Andrea Rosenthal. AD 39 consists of 58.8% of old AD 36 (Lackey), 41.2% of old AD 33 (Smith).





AD 40 (DEM 40.6%, REP 29.6%, NPP 23.9%)

Assemblymember Valladares has not formally announced yet, but three Democrats have: CNA organizer Pilar Shiavo, former Katie Hill for Congress organizer Jonathan Ahmadi, and 2020 candidate Annie Cho. AD 40 consists of 70.8% of old AD 38 (Valladares), 16.0% of old AD 45 (Gabriel), 6.1% of old AD 46 (Nazarian), 4.2% of old AD 36 (Lackey), 2.9% of old AD 39 (L. Rivas), 0.02% of old AD 43 (Friedman).



AD 44 (DEM 49.1%, REP 19.6%, NPP 25.7%)

Assemblymembers Friedman and Nazarian have both announced that they will be running in this district. 41.2% of old AD 43 (Friedman) AD 44 consists of 33.4% of old AD 46 (Nazarian), 19.5% of old AD 39 (L. Rivas).





AD 47 (DEM 38.4%, REP 35.3% , NPP 19.8%)

Chad Mayes will not seek reelection. Palm Springs Mayor Christy Holstege (D) has announced she will run in this district. AD 47 consists of 71.9% of old AD 42 (Mayes), 18.2% of old AD 56 (E. Garcia), 5.5% of old AD 40 (Ramos), 3.8% of old AD 71 (Voepel), 0.3% of old AD 33 (Smith), 0.2% of old AD 61 (Medina).



AD 67 (DEM 42.9%, REP 26.5%, NPP 25.9%)

Sharon Quirk-Silva may have a Democrat challenger: supply chain specialist Param Brar. AD 67 consists of 77.3% of old AD 65 (Quirk-Silva), 17.8% of old AD 58 (C. Garcia), 2.5% of old AD 69 (Daly), 2.4% of old AD 63 (Rendon).




AD 70 (DEM 36.1%, REP 33.7%, NPP 25.5%)

This is an open seat now that Janet Nguyen is running for State Senate. Three Republicans have pulled papers to run: Westminster Mayor Tri Tra, Westminster City Councilmember Kimberly Ho, and Fountain Valley City Councilmember Ted Bui. AD 70 consists of 83.4% of old AD 72 (Nguyen), 8.3% of old AD 69 (Daly), 7.4% of old AD 65 (Quirk-Silva), 0.8% of old AD 74 (Petrie-Norris).



AD 74 (DEM 33.7%, REP 35.7%, NPP 24.1%)

Laurie Davies will face Democratic challenger Laurie Girand, founder of Beyond Marketing Strategies. AD 74 consists of 54.4% of old AD 76 (Horvath), 45.5% of old AD 73 (Davies), 0.07% of old AD 75 (Waldron).





AD 75 (DEM 28.1%, REP 42.3%, NPP 23.1%)

Randy Voepel and Marie Waldron both reside in this district. AD 75 consists of 59.9% of old AD 71 (Voepel), 21.3% of old AD 77 (Maeinshein), 18.7% of old AD 75 (Waldron), 0.1% of old AD 79 (Weber), 0.01% of old AD 80 (Gonzalez).





AD 76 (DEM 35.4%, REP 32.0%, NPP 26.8%)

Brian Maienschein is running for re-election. Two Republicans have pulled papers to run: attorney June Yang Cutter and Olivenhain Municipal Water District board member Kristie Bruce Lane. AD 76 consists of 57.6% of old AD 75 (Waldron), 42.1% of old AD 77 (Maienshein), 0.3% of old AD 76 (Horvath), 0.04% of old AD 71 (Voepel).



AD 77 (DEM 41.0%, REP 26.5%, NPP 26.3%)

Tasha Boerner Horvath will face a Republican challenger: former 2020 candidate Melanie Burkholder. AD 77 consists of 55.1% of old AD 78 (Ward), 38.2% of old AD 76 (Horvath), 6.6% of old AD 77 (Maeinschein), 0.05% of old AD 75 (Waldron).

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